The Week’s Musical Madtings – #17

Once again, we’ve compiled a ‘who’s who’ of what we think are the biggest artists and releases of recent times. Enjoy your dose of the freshest Hip Hop + Grime. This is The Week’s Musical Madtings number 17.

GRM Daily’s #NextGen10 Project

This one’s a really cool initiative from GRM Daily – every day for 10 days (we’re a week in so far) GRM Daily are dropping exclusive tracks from 10 UK artists who are considered by the magazine to be underrepresented in terms of the quality of their musical output. So far we’ve had tracks (which are pretty much all fire) from J HusA2, RenzJevonTe DnessRageouz, and PBGR, with 3 new tracks from Avelino, Cl!pstar and Bonkaz still on the way over the next few days. Definitely worth checking out and we’ve already suggested they make this a regular thing!

MENNIS – Juciy Jay (not sure if the spelling mistake was intended)

MENNIS is a Mancunian writer/barsmith who has been on and off the scene for a while now. At 16 he released his first mixtape with fellow rapper Dyno, entitled Badfullstop (which can be downloaded HERE if you’re interested). He then disappeared off the musical radar for a few years, returning with 2012 album Pray For Me which received local and national attention. He’s been going in recently too, and we’re feeling his brand of UK Cloud Rap.

SpaceAge3000 – The Theory Of… (EP)

The SpaceAge3000 project consists of Little SimzJosh Arcé, Chuck 20 Tilla Arcé. Their EP, entitled The Theory Of… is a bangin little compilation of 4 emotive tracks that are a shot of intelligence and substance to the current UK scene. The tracks can be slightly depressing and dark in subject nature but have a lot to them, and the production and bars are on point.

Onoe Caponoe – Disappearing Jakob

This is the second week in a row Onoe Caponoe has graced this playlist, this time with fun track Disappearing Jakob, which chronicles the events surrounding a skateboard crash and a shotter who goes missing. As usual with Onoe’s tracks, it’s funky and dark with a sick piano-led instrumental, and the visuals by El Tacordor are simple and remind of us games and cartoons, + are a fun aid in the narration of Onoe’s plight.

TabraE – Khiyanbooni

This is definitely gonna be something different to anything else you’ve heard today. Working out of London, TabraE is a political rapper who was been granted asylum in the UK due to being on the run from authorities in his home country of Iran on grounds of making music that hasn’t been authorised by the authoritarian state. It’s a mad mad story that we will be telling you all in a feature in the next couple of days (deffo one you don’t wanna miss). We don’t know what he’s saying in the track because he spits in Persian, but it’s a banger.

Capo Lee – Ain’t The Same

This one is off Grime Forum‘s Freestyles Vol 2 which you can download HERE. This track has an energy to it we’re feeling, and unfortunately we haven’t had enough time to listen to the whole project yet but hopefully they’re all bangers like this is.

Chelsea Reject x CJ Fly x T’nah Apex – Go (Produced by Psymun)

This one from Duck Down Music Inc’s Chelsea Reject, who has linked with Pro Era’s CJ Fly and T’nah Apex for new track Go which is off Chelsea’s upcoming project COMPLX. The track is a pleasant meeting of a more oldschool Brooklyn sound with the newschool technicals of CJ, Chelsea and Apex. The production comes from Psymun (who has been in these playlists quite a bit recently), with the instrumental sounding something like a vamped version of a 50’s movie theme tune. This works well with the black and white video concept, which was directed by Dorian West. Sick sick tune.

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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