MondreM.A.N – 1 Love, and why he deserves more views.


MondreM.A.N, who hails from North Oakland, is one half of Hip Hop group the Main Attrakionz alongside fellow MC Squadda B.

A couple weeks back, we included MondreM.A.N’s recent release Ancient Times in our weekly playlist. At the present time, this accomplished video which provides hallucinatory visuals alongside a dreamy instrumental and Mondre’s memorable vocal content, only has 1172 views (which is a farce in our opinion). Since then, MondreM.A.N has dropped a pretty bangin’ mixtape (more about this later), and another video for track 1 Love, which is taken off the mixtape. Admittedly, the video is a slightly strange 4-minute long affair; half commentary explaining the name and motivation for his mixtape, with the other half a simple video showcasing guitar-led track 1 Love (with the visuals being admittedly disappointing compared to Ancient Times which is one of our favourite Hip Hop videos we’ve seen in a minute).

The mixtape we talked about earlier is entitled Tha Withdrawal, which as Mondre explains in the commentary half of 1 Love is a reference to the addictive qualities of producing and listening to music. Here’s the explanation of the mixtape in his own words:

‘i ben going thru sum thangs with myself lately & music is my best way of expression. i haven’t ben recording as much as i wanted to last year due to a lot of shit, but i took a trip to socal & relapse aha in a good way. wrote dis mix tape in less den a week hope y’all enjoy. PLENNNTY more iz comin this iz only exercise 4 da beginin of the year. Oh yeah 808s 3 DROPPIN THIS YEAR!!’

Considering it was supposedly written in less than a week, the quality of the tape is impressive, with a laid back philosophical kinda vibe, and production from Slavery Beats, EPMDENNY, Marlee BMoney PosseSaint FlueLord PlawzBooRadley, VersaBeatzKeyboard KidTommy Kruise + finally UpTown Greg (apologies if we missed anyone that was bare long to type out).


You can download the mixtape HERE for FREE (or name your own price) and it’s definitely worth your time. Let’s get this guy some more views coz we wanna hear more!

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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