Once again, we’ve compiled a ‘who’s who’ of what we think are the biggest artists and releases of recent times. Enjoy your dose of the freshest Hip Hop + Grime. This is #WaveyWednesdays (running a bit late coz we were at the Wiley show <review of this coming soon>)

Onoe Caponoe – “Lord Of The Light (Sun Riddim)”

Somehow, by some form of what must be divine intervention,West London’s Perivale (some boring hole I used to hate driving through as a kid on the way to my grandparent’s house) managed to produce something interesting. Described as ‘the bastard step-child of Sun Ra, George Clinton, Flavor Flav and TC Islam’ by DJ mag, Onoe Caponoe and his Funkadelic Mafia have long been creating the sort of transcendent UK Hip Hop that comes on like a K Hole. We’ve been fans for a while, and were disappointed when Onoe seemingly slowed his production rate in the last year or so, but we are glad to have him back with a whole new album of bangers entitled Voices From Planet Cattele (which comes out today). Check the new video for one his new tracks here:

Allan Kingdom – “Glass Up”

Coming out of the Twin Cities’ St Paul, Minnesota, Allan Kingdom has teamed up with Chi-town producers Odd Couple for new track ‘Glass Up’ via Chicago record label Closed Sessions. The song’s definitely a step forward in Allan’s growing style, and has the cool feature of being released alongside an especially produced mini-documentary intimately showing the recording process for the ‘Glass Up’. Check the track and documentary below:

Catarrh Nisin – “Not That Deep” (Remix)

Something kinda special for you Stormzy fans reading; this week we came across this weird and wonderful remix of ‘Not That Deep’ by Japanese Grime MC Catarrh Nisin. We have no ideas what bars he’s dropping, but his Japanese dialect merges pleasingly well with Stormzy’s instrumental (and it’s refreshing to hear something completely different in a genre that in some aspects is beginning to feel more and more like a regurgitated audio snippet of mid-2000s urban nostalgia).

Grim Sickers – “Not Much To Do”

Around a month after the release of his all-star Grime banger ‘Black Bin Bag Him’, Grim Sickers has proved his versatility as an MC with the release of ‘Not Much To Do’ this week. This track is more of a UK rap affair, with a spacey instrumental we love and well delivered bars from Grim. Big respect for branching out. This will be on his upcoming EP which drops sometime in March.

CJB – “WEED” (Prod by Big K.R.I.T)

CJB, who is one quarter of UK Hip Hop collective DOPEXBROKE, came through this week with this smooth ode to ganja (aptly named) ‘Weed’, produced by American rapper/producer Big K.R.I.T. With a VHS style vintage themed video which is simple but representative of the song (Ice Cube and bare zoots are featured), this is a track we’ve enjoyed kicking back to this week.

Masro & Snowy – “Cold NRG”

Newham’s Masro, who is a heavyweight producer and is not afraid to remind us (see tweet below), has been going in recently. This track, featuring energetic young Nottingham skengman Snowy has had us on a hype for the past few days. Have a listen below to see why:

Speak + Caleb Stone – “Sex Quest 2” EP         *VERY FRESH*

With verses from a number of MCs that could easily be considered some of their best, Speak and Caleb Stone have struck gold with the release of this EP. Enlisting the help of Deniro Farrar, Lofty 305, Lord Narf, Cashius Green, Droop E and Little Pain, the record was never gonna be a flop. We’re very impressed with this project, which is apparently ‘a product of us smoking a ton of weed and being cooped up in the studio making songs with whoever happens to drop by’ (according to Speak himself).

Metro Thuggin – “Warrior” & “Speed Racer”

At some point in 2014, Atlanta rapper Young Thug teamed up with producer Metro Boomin to from super duo Metro Thuggin. While the EP we heard rumours of them producing never materialised, we’re happy that they’ve released these two tracks today.

Boldy James – “In My Zone”

With strong backing from HotNewHipHop, Detroit rapper Boldy James dropped a new track that uses an instrumental from Rittz‘s last album. Look out for his new mixtape ‘Trapper’s Alley 2’ which drops on Feb 27th.

Truesay there are actually quite a few more bangers that were released this week, but I’m tired and need to go gym, so you’ll have to be content with these for now (they’re sick though). See you same place next week!

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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