INCOMING: Dorris set to drop his ‘Whoo?’ E.P on Feb 1st, and what we think of it

Not to discredit the city by any means (I spent the first couple years of my life there and still have a soft spot for it), but it’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything out of Manchester that has got us feelin’ any type of way. While the city does indeed have a wealth of talent in the urban music genres (our favs are probably Blizzard and Shakz), of recent there hasn’t been any breakout artists who have consistently drawn our attention down here in London. That’s set to change, however, on February 1st, when Mancunian MC Dorris releases his anticipated ‘Whoo?’ EP.

Who is Dorris?

If you were unfortunate enough to miss the release of his definitely-worth-a-listen Redneck Behaviour EP which dropped in September ’14, then you’re probably sitting there wondering ‘who is this Dorris geezer?’. Well, before we tell you anything, we’ll let him introduce himself by showing you this:

Dorris, with his references to Ketamine, 3 day benders and 12 hour shifts working in a warehouse, is what I’d dub as the Dirty Sanchez of Grime (if you remember that show). His lyrics are often outrageous and comedic, but like the TV show, there is something very real and extremely British about him. His delivery and subject matter are very original and on point, and he is an MC who is well respected within the urban music scene of North West England. He was also a part of 2014’s Lord Of The Mics 6, being featured alongside artists such as P Money, Big H, Hazman & Dialect.

The ‘Whoo?’ E.P

Whoo E.P Out 1st February

Dorris’ team was kind enough to share the EP with us early, and while we can’t tell you too much about it, nor share any of the songs with you, we can give you the lowdown and what we think. The project feature 5 tracks: the original track ‘Whoo?’, and four remixes of it. The remixes are all from fairly high profile producers, namely Chimpo, Moony, Pavv and Levlz. Our highlight is easily the Levlz ‘8 Bar Remix’, which features guest verses from Eyez, Hypes, Shizz, Vader, Row D, Grim Sickers and Butchaman. Levlz has taken the original and given it more of a classic grime feel with a sped up instrumental. It’s definitely worthy of a few reloads, and has an official video dropping on the 8th of February.

We’d also like to shout out Joe Whelan, who did the artwork for this and also Grim Sickers’ recent ‘Black Bin Bag Him’ release. We’re really feeling the whole Hey Arnold x Gangland kinda theme. You can find some more of his artwork HERE.

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

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