New visuals: Wara From the NBHD & Tre Mission

So far today we’ve got two new videos to satisfy your hip hop cravings:

protect n serve.jpg-large

Wara From the NBHD – Protect ‘N’ Serve (PNS)

Atlanta based MC Wara From the NBHD is becoming something of a modern day street prophet. With previous videos such as Biege (lyrics: ‘That crack rock biege – that shit that I be sellin’), Slangin’ (‘coz nigga’ when I be slangin drugs/ oooh I get that feeling) + Raw (‘The only thing we servin’ is that straight up RAW), Wara has provided us with dark tales from the street in an intelligent and catchy manner. His newest video for P.N.S, which comes off his upcoming If Guns Could Speak EP (out January 26th) tackles issues surrounding youth alienation based on skin-tone and criminal record in modern-day America, and criticises racist cops who fail to ‘Protect ‘n’ Serve’ black communities. As usual with Wara, there is a lot of social commentary in this song, delivered in an appropriately gritty manner. The visuals, which are awash with weaponry and feel like a violent T.V broadcast from a dystopian future, are directed by Christian Jones, and offer an apt dreary backdrop for the track.

Check out his Soundcloud page below, which includes last project ‘Kidnapped’:


Tre Mission Ft. Saukrates – Get Doe

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you about who Tre Mission is (if you’ve forgotten for whatever reason, he’s that Canadian guy that makes good grime). Today he blesses us with a new video for track Get Doe, which comes off his Stigmata tape. This track delivers deep wordplay in his trademark Canadian-Grime style, and features fellow Toronto rapper Saukrates in a slightly emosh black and white video. Tre’s always been experimental, and this one is slightly different to what we’ve heard in the past, but a strong track nonetheless.

Stigmata dropped in the UK and U.S in August, and can be purchased on iTunes HERE. Soundcloud here:

Composed by @CareerEnderSam


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