Tun’ Up Tuesdays – 14 #DatGoodGood

Once again, we’ve compiled a ‘who’s who’ of what we think are the biggest artists and releases of recent times. Enjoy your dose of the freshest Hip Hop + Grime. This is Tun’ Up Tuesdays.

Coops – Lost Soul (EP)

We’re extremely ashamed to admit that we initially missed out on this release, and only came across it yesterday! This dropped back in June, but we’re including here because it’s raw and completely worth your time. Coming out of Tottenham, North London, madly enough Coops’ first show was opening for Nas at London’s 02. Coops’ tunes are introspective affairs – mesmerising boombap beats inspired by Jazz + Soul with lyrics laced with piff + philosophy of the self. Perfect music to smoke and have a think to.

Audio Push – Heavy (Ft. OG Maco)

On the verge of embarking on the U.S ‘#simplynothing’ tour with Wale, Audio Push dropped ‘Heavy’ featuring OG. Maco for free as a thank you to their fan base who have supported them while they prepare for the tour and new album. This track is produced by Ducko Mcfli, Hit-Boy and Hazebanga and is definitely a ‘heavy’ track with its aggressive delivery and instrumental, and OG Maco flippin’ that impressive double-time flow on his feature verse. Definitely worth a few listens.

CASH OUT – Back Door (Ft. Young Dolph)

This one’s from Cash Out’s recent ‘Kitchens & Choppas’ mixtape (Download HERE). On this one, the Atlanta MC employs Memphis’ Young Dolph for ‘Back Door’, an ode to traphouse etiquette and why the fiends need to come to the back door. The instrumental is an unorthodox chimey sort of thing that is based round a simple flute loop, and actually sounds pretty dumb until Cash and Dolph somehow manage to make it a banger! The video is pretty basic and features all the usual zoots and double cups but is well produced. Slightly different but a big tune.

Maxsta + Scrufizzer – 1xtra ‘#GimmeGrime’ Set

This is the first #GimmeGrime freestyle from East Ham’s Maxsta and West London’s Scrufizzer, who recently have been acting as a duo. These MCs are extremely dangerous together with some mad energy they’ve got working between them . Wait til the end to hear exclusive bars about that beef between Maxsta and Kozzie. These two are definitely gonna do bits this year.

Footsie – Scars (Ft. Double E + Wiley)

This one is a vinyl only release of three classic Newham Generals cuts. We think Elijah explains this project the best so here’s his statement from Grimeforum:

Thanks for the feedback. 

Recorded in 2005

Remastered in 2014 by Beau who has done all the Butterz stuff for a while

The writing on the back of the cover if you want some understanding behind the motivation for the release, if I need to? These are classics in my eyes. A lot of people won’t even know about them

Growing up listening to pirate radio there were always tracks you heard but never got released for various reasons. We are the biggest Newham Generals fans, and we used to listen to their weekly slot on Rinse FM with DJ Tubby from 2005 until it finished in 2012 on Sunday’s 7-9pm (coincidently a slot we have also held) and these three tracks are some of Footsie’s best productions that somehow haven’t seen the light of day until now. 

Scars was a hit instrumental doing the rounds already on the pirates in 2005. The vocal alongside D Double E and original Newham Generals member Monkstar alongside the one and only Wiley was an instant cult classic. It is one of the few tracks with Wiley and the Newham Generals together the other only being Trim’s Boogeyman and Prangman Remix which is also featured on this record. Move To The Beat is Footsie & D Double E at their best, a fun exchange for the ravers.

Over the last 12 months we have worked with Footsie & D Double E really closely at Fabric, Outlook Festival, Notting Hill Carnival and our Jamz parties in Leeds & Manchester developing a unique synergy. As a mark of respect for being such a strong and positive influence on us and the rest of the scene, I wanted to commit some special music to wax for people that have seen us all together live to appreciate.

Footsie has done it all in Grime. He has his own label: Braindead which has been the home of his productions since 2003, he clashed on the original Lord Of The Mics DVD, he has done over 15 years of pirate radio as part of Nasty Crew and Newham Generals and has produced for Dizzee Rascal. Hopefully this release gives the younger generation discovering his new music via online platforms like SBTV, GRM Daily and Noisey a glimpse into the long journey that it takes to reach legendary status in the scene. – Elijah (December 2014).”

Saskilla – Forever Ft. Wiley

Saskilla’s been on point recently, and this new track featuring Wiley is up to form. With a spacey instrumental from Darq E Freaker, both Wiley and Saskilla provide tightly delivered bars that are reflective on the Grime scene. Both these guys are veterans, and the track is as smooth as you’d expect. Looking forward to hearing more.

Nick Brewer – Jet Li – (Ghetts Remix)

Nick Brewer and Ghetts have been dons ever since they met in 2011, and have finally hit some studio time together to remix ‘Jet Li’, the first cut from Nick’s most recent project. Both Ghetts and Nick Brewer ride the instrumental with obvious professionalism, which is a meeting of a house beat with an Asian influenced sound to it. A strong production, and hopefully more from these two soon!

Meek Mill – Ice Cream Freestyle

Fresh out of pen, Meek decides that the best thing to do for a comeback release would be a freestyle over Raekwon’s legendary ‘Ice Cream’ instrumental. A massive undertaking for sure, but he’s made it work. Deffo worth a listen (and we like the silencer gun sounds). He also released a couple other comeback tracks, which can be heard HERE, but this was our favourite.

There’s your dose for this week. See you back here on the 20th!

Composed by @CareerEnderSam


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