New Video: Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs + A$AP Ferg finally drop a video for ‘Old English’ and it’s wavy.


Young Thug and Freddie Gibbs – arguably the two aesthetic polar opposites of modern Hip Hop. One, a skinny jean wearing, word slurring, slightly more effeminate version of Lil Wayne obsessed with hedonistic pursuits; the other a deep voiced, gun toting portrait of a modern day Scarface who relates stories of drug deals and gang life.

Weird that they’re on a track together, but as I’m sure you’ll remember the two joined forces, alongside A$AP Ferg, on track Old English about 6 months ago. All three employ different approaches to the instrumental, which is an unusual mix of dark piano chords, drum claps and chimes, but it worked at the time, and still does. It took them a while, but they’ve finally released a video for it, produced by Salva and Nick Hook. The video is a colourfully animated (and slightly disconcerting) production that appears to be heavily influenced by the works of experimental artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, who I definitely recommend checking out [pictured below].


The video is extremely trippy and adds another dimension to what is already quite a complex track. We love it when artists actually go the extra mile to make a decent video these days, and are big fans of this effort.

Catch the new video for ‘Old English’, released via Mass Appeal, below:

Composed by @CareerEnderSam


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