NEWLY DROPPED: Ghostface + Doom join BADBADNOTGOOD for new banger ‘Ray Gun’


Matthew Tavares; Chester Hanson; Alexander Sowinski, or, as you may know them: BADBADNOTGOOD. They’re the Toronto trio whose own brand of live jazz-infused Hip Hop instrumentals have pulled previous collaborations from Danny Brown, Ghostface Killah and now MF DOOM. Their most recent track is called ‘Ray Gun’, and pits lyrical heavyweights Ghostface + DOOM against each other on alternating verses over an instrumental which sounds pleasingly like something The Doors would have improvised in the 1960s. The intricate instrumental aspects of the track give it a classiness that very much complement the styles of the MCs – a refreshing merging of musical genres that we think could influence a lot of new Hip Hop this year.

Some of you aficionados may be getting particularly excited at news of this linkup, as it hints at progress towards the almost mythical DOOMSTARKS collaboration project from Ghostface and DOOM which a hungry audience (US!) has been teased with for over a years now. According to a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything with Ghostface, the project IS coming out in 2015, and was always scheduled to, but more on this when we know get any official news.

‘Sour Soul’, the collaborative album from Ghostface Killah and BADBADNOTGOOD, is set for release on February 24th, and features Danny Brown, Elzhi, MF DOOM and Tree. Pree the tracklist below and cop it when it drops:

1.  “Mono”
2. “Sour Soul”
3. “Six Degrees” (featuring Danny Brown)
4. “Gunshowers” (featuring Elzhi)
5. “Stark’s Reality”
6. “Tone’s Rap”
7. “Mind Playing Tricks on Me”
8. “Street Knowledge” (featuring Tree)
9. “Ray Gun” (featuring DOOM)
10. “Nuggets of Wisdom”
11. “Food”
12. “Experience”

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