NEW: Find out what that Childish Gambino countdown finished with

As you may be already aware, earlier on in the week, Childish Gambino tweeted this mysterious link:


At the time of the tweet, clicking on the link would take you to a website with a blacked out background and a clock in the corner, counting down to an unidentified something. This “something” was completely ambiguous, with no hint from Gambino about what would happen when the clock struck zero. Shortly after this, Gambino deleted the tweet, and anything else related to it from his Twitter feed.

Since then, the clock has hit the deadline, and it ended up being a countdown to the unannounced release of a video for track ‘Sober’, off the STN MTN / KAUAI mixtape he dropped last year.

The video takes place in a typical American Diner/ Takeout restaurant and (as is typical of Gambino) is an artistic reflection of a cat & mouse type courting scene with Gambino trying to woo the pretty girl whilst being mesmerisingly weird and slightly creepy in the process. If you haven’t heard the song yet, it’s one of his more singy love ballads based around a breakup and substance abuse, and was one of the highlights of the mixtape its from.

If you were with us a few months back, you’ll remember our article about the apparent synchronicity in events with his last few videos. We have the sneaking suspicion that this video may also be part of the ‘alien invasion’ narrative of the last few videos, but we haven’t worked out anything for sure yet. Give that article a look if you haven’t, and see if you can come up with anything! Will keep you guys updated if we work out/come across any clues.

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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