TUT dropped ‘Preacher’s Son’ last night – make sure you don’t miss out.

tut-preachers-son-cover tut-preachers-son-tracklist1

‘Preacher’s Son is an album that depicts a young man growing up in both the church, and the streets; raised on confronting the traumas of bad choices, experiencing the redemptive power of hope and the overwhelming joys of love and charity.’

We’ve been talking a lot recently about Chattanooga MC TUT, who in the ending moments of 2014 dropped a stream of fire in the form of a number of previews of his upcoming project. Well, last night while we were asleep over here in England, TUT finally dropped the full project, entitled ‘Preacher’s Son’. The tape is produced by a four different individuals (namely: Ktoven, The House, D. Sanders, and Junia-T) and features collaborations with Michael Da Vinci, Johnny Smathers, Angel Mae, Swayvo Sax, Taylor Freeman and Isaiah Rashad. We’ve just woken up and haven’t had a chance to give the whole thing a proper start-to-finish listen yet, but so far what we’re hearing is inspiring stuff.

Listen to Preacher’s Son below:

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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