The tracks of 2015 we’re already bumping.


It’s taken us a couple days to get over that ridiculous hangover (man drank a bottle of Ciroc to himself and about 7489262 beers) but it’s a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you from the DONTFCKABOUT squad!

We’re extremely excited for this year. With upcoming projects from heavyweights such as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, Joey Bada$$, Lupe Fiasco, Skepta etc etc, as well as an ocean of work from lower profile artists, we think that there’s a hell of a lot of straight fire on its way! We know we’re only two days in to the new year, but here’s what’s newly been released and what we’re already listening to:

A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2Β 

As a follow up to his 2012 track ‘Pretty Flacko’ (which happens to probably be our favourite A$AP track), Rocky dropped this new track on New Years Day, as promised to fans. The track is produced by Nez & Rio, and is the track that the mob previewed at Red Bull Culture Clash at the end of October. Rocky’s been ghosting recently, so we’re glad he’s perked up again with this banger! Check it out below:

Tut – Live From Chatanooga

Chatanooga, Tennessee has previously been pretty much solely represented in the Hip Hop world by young TDE talent Isaiah Rashad. Until now. We only started listening to Tut at the end of last month, but since we’ve tuned in he’s been consistently releasing bangers. With a similar slow, thoughtful and melodic approach as Rashad (we’re guessing this is the Chatanooga sound) Tut released ‘Live From Chatanooga’ a couple days back. It’s a strong release, and apart from some loyal promotion from Rashad, has been largely slept upon in our opinion. We’ve got out eyes on this individual; we’re thinking Chatanooga could very well have its new Hip Hop king!

Chip – School Of Grime Feat. D Double E & Jammer

With a Halloween freestyle, a central role in Wiley’s most recent Eskimo Dance, a track with Stormzy & Shalo, and now the release of this track, you may have noticed that little Chip-Diddy-Chip is making a comeback as a more mature and serious MC. Enlisting D Double E and Jammer, this track is a valiant effort from Chip, and has us looking forward to what he’s got planned for this year!

Swiss – Plastic People

Following the success of his much talked about video for ‘Nigger’, which landed him an interview with the BBC, Swiss has started 2015 with the thought-provoking warning against backstabbing pagans ‘Plastic People’. Whatever walk of life you’re from, the conscious wisdom of Swiss’ rap can be applied. We’re a big fan of Swiss, and are glad that someone from the UK is putting out intelligent tracks that are relevant to modern life.

A2 – Caviar Dreams RMX (Feat. Black Twang)

Okay, so this one was technically released in the last dying hours of 2014, but its one we’ve been steadily bumping over the past couple days. London MC A2 seems to be hardly talked about (as of yet – hopefully we can help change that!) but has been one of our favourite UK artists for a fair amount of time now. This track with black twang is very much representative of A2s sound, and is not worth missing!

Those are the main five tracks we’ve been listening to the past 5 days, that we think are much better than Kanye West’s new song. Hope you enjoy!

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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