Reintroducing: DIREMAN – Q+A and why he’s set to come back and teach the Grime scene a thing or two.


Guess who’s in the booth again, letting a bunch of metaphors loose again’

If you’re not a newbie to Grime, you’ll remember Direman from back in the day.Type his name into Youtube and you’ll primarily bring up a pleasing repertoire of oldschool freestyles, most with a very healthy amount of views, but accompanied by a nostalgic and slightly sad ‘5 years ago’ hanging alongside the video thumbnail. Dire was one of the most honest and talented artists of his time, and had the eye of all the important Grime media outlets of 2008/2009, being a particular favourite of soon to massively blow up SBTV and LinkUp TV. Watching the video below will take you back to a simpler time of Grime, and should inspire thoughts similar ours… ‘What the hell happened to Direman?‘:

Well, thankfully it appears in the past few months Direman has jumped back on his grind. After a feature on fellow North West artist K9’s Mad In The Cut EP (which is a very dangerous record if you’re silly enough not to have copped it yet), a fresh link up with Smartz (an artist he’s worked with in the past), a fire Just Jam set, and a new solo release, we decided to get in contact with Dire to find out what his plans for world domination are. Here’s what we found out:

Firstly, tell us where you’re from, and how you got into music.

‘I was born in West London but grew up in North West London, and at the moment I’m living in Alperton/Wembley. Since secondary school, a group of friends and I formed an independent label called ‘Limitlus Productions’. Branching off from that were a few other collectives: Hot Off Da Block, Secret Service + KRV, to name a few in house ones. I also worked with SLK, Musical Mob, Heavy Artillery and Anti-Social; Bashy, and Purple & G Double. Some of the biggest names in the underground grime scene.’

Tell us a bit more about your musical past – we read somewhere you started off with Garage production?

‘I was writing lyrics before I started producing garage/grime beats; I’ve never really liked rapping over loud beats as I tend to put a lot of words in my sentences, so I began producing beats to fit my style. I also used to perform at South Kilburn Festival quite a lot, alongside some of the aforementioned names. To be honest I performed loads more grime sets than songs back then but nevertheless it was all a learning curve and I enjoyed every minute of it.’

It seems as if you’ve were working under the radar for quite a while, until recently – what have you been up to?

‘Over the past few years I’ve been doing quite a bit of behind the scenes work, mainly in the form of music composition and photography/cinematography, also I’ve been steadily building up my own catalogue of songs for release in the near future.’

And it seems as if you’re ready to make your reintroduction to the Grime scene again, do you reckon it’s the right time?

‘I do believe now is the perfect time to make a huge impact in the scene. Most of these rappers/grime ‘artists’ aren’t making songs that are quite relative nowadays. We can all talk about buying & selling; smoking and drinking; clothes and cars. But reality is, many of us come from countries & islands where there are bigger issues than those things. Not saying people can’t rap about these things ever, but balance is essential in this industry. And keeping relative in a forever changing world is paramount.’

So can we expect shows from Direman?

I WILL do loads of shows, tours and music videos over the next couple years. By then, people should understand all the metaphors in the punchlines from 2007!’

Check out Direman’s latest release ‘Madness’ below:

and check out his Soundcloud HERE for a back catologue of some of his older tunes.

Big up @DiremanOfficial for his time, and we look forward to hearing more from this don in the near future! Most definitely one to watch for 2015.

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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