Tuesday Tunes – 12

Once again, we’ve compiled a ‘who’s who’ of what we think are the biggest artists and releases of this week. Enjoy your dose of the freshest Hip Hop and Grime. This is Tuesday Tunes

Stormzy – Where Do You Know Me From

Stormzy isn’t someone you would have known about this time last year, but truly made 2014 his with his almost dizzying rise to the Grime spotlight. Having performed on Later With Jools Holland (though still keepin’ it real in Adidas trackies and skengman hat) and being longlisted for BBC’s prestigious ‘Music Sound Of The Year’ award, Stormzy has already done a lot for his genre in a short space of time. This track, produced by West London’s Z-Dot, is a show of force, and easily educates on why he’s become so noticed so quickly.

Mick Jenkins – Fate

Mick Jenkins is another artist who has very much come into his own this year. Representing his own corner of Chicago, Mick adds this track to his already considerable treasure of his own brand of conscious rap. With possibly our favourite release of the year ‘The Water[s]’, under his belt, and another mixtape shortly on the way, Mick is keeping us satisfied for the moment with this jazz inspired track, which suits the current winter setting with its slow saxophones and warm vocals. ‘Fate’ will available on its producer Ambi Lyrics’ upcoming project Your Music which drops on December 28th.

Durrty Goodz – What You Make It

Durrty Goodz has always been one of our favourite UK lyricists from day, and we’re glad to hear that his newest project ‘Vintage 3000’ will be dropping on Christmas Day. While we’re waiting, he’s keeping us interested with ‘What You Make It’ – a Garage inspired bundle of positive energy with a fun video to go along with it, and still has us wondering why Doogz is so underrated!

 The Manor – Brixton To Bow

Tower Blocks; complaints about the ever-rising cost of pints; shitty weather – ‘Brixton To Bow’ utilises apt imagery and oldschool camera-phone style visuals to paint one of the truest musical portraits of London life we’ve seen in a long time, and its even a banger you can dance to. ‘Spend our life trying to even the score / get that score spend it all on a draw / shit don’t change, we all know the score’. Yes we do indeed.

Psymun – Talk 2 Me Ft. Kerry Roy

You’ve hopefully heard of Psymun already – as one quarter of supergroup ‘TheStand4rd’, and along with his solo release of Pink Label earlier in the year (which this track is taken off), we hope that he isn’t an artist you’ve been sleeping on. This delicious track uses the vocals of fellow Minneapolite (we think that’s a word) Kerry Roy, who is part of the group Bad Bad Hats. Psymun’s beat is trancy and menancholic, working extremely well with Roy’s emotive vocal work. The video is a triumph, complimenting the track beautifully with a trippy story of two young kids playing in a giant house.

Composed by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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