Grime’s Prodigal Sons: Who You Need To Be Listening To Now To Be Ready For 2015

Once upon a time, in a land not too far from the champagne guzzling bankers of Canary Wharf who were revelling in the thrive of the recent economic boom, the run down tower blocks and council flats of poverty afflicted East London began emanating a raw and defiant sound…

It was the early 2000s to be exact, and it was a furious sound, created and propagated by the younger working class generation who seemed to have finally found an appropriate expression of the frustrations and dangers of inner city London life. Regardless of who really holds the title of ‘Godfather of Grime’, now household names such as your Wileys and Dizzee Rascals, or your Kanos and your Lethal Bizzles, and DJs and producers such as Target, Slimzee & Sir Spyro were all at the forefront of a genre that has constantly evolved and continued to deliver. Perhaps spurred on by the commercial success of that song that you may have heard, Meridian Dan’s ‘German Whip’, and the acclaim of events such as Red Bull’s sell-out ‘Culture Clash’, Grime has had somewhat of a second coming in the mainstream scene of 2014 … This, however, is not what this article is about. Well done to Lethal Bizzle for getting Oceana lads jumping with ‘Rari Workout’, but what has us excited over in this corner are those younger artists; those estate kids of the type who started this genre in the first place, and what they’re producing on the eve of 2015. We’ve compiled a list of what we’re listening to at the moment, which will hopefully get you as gassed for what’s gonna happen to Grime music in 2015 as we are.



Having started out as part of Younger Musical Mobb and Str8 Grindin Crew in the mid-to-late 2000s, this West London and proud MC released his first full production this year – the extremely rough Mad In The Cut EP, which has rightly garnered the attention it deserves after already establish acts such as Jammer tweeted his praise. Mad In The Cut features input from quickly up and coming producers (whom he happens to be good mates with) Dark0 and Visionist, along with Mssingno and Plata. He also released his first proper video this week for ‘stress’, an ode to the deceased MC Vager. K9 spits pure energy and has one of the roughest flows at the moment, and is a welcome contrast to some of the more glossed over and commercial sounds in the scene at the moment.

Check out the video for ‘Stress’, produced by Jim Alexander, and stream for his Mad In The Cut EP below:

Izzie Gibbs

izzie gibbs

Izzie Gibbs has had eyes trained on him recently as a result of his twitter beef with Lewisham MC Novelist, in which he was strangely called on to clash at Lewisham Mcdonald’s. Gibbs declined to turn up, even though Nov was waiting, but since then has unleashed a barrage of fire aimed at Novelist and Elf Kid of The Square. Regardless of this hype, Gibbs is a strong MC and has worked alongside fellow Northamptonites such as Weirdoe, Raw and Statz to put his city on the map. Now a member of Invasion, and managed by Dice Recordings, Izzie seems set to lay down some fire in the coming months.

Here’s some of our favourite of his latest features:



Novelist is the south London MC that every current grime event wants at their rave. Spitting out of Lewisham, and only 17 years of age, Novelist has very quickly rose to attention in the past few months. Though he hasn’t even had a proper release yet, he’s already been shortlisted for the prestigious BBC’s Sound of 2015 award. Novelist is already a veteran of the rave scene, having played a bag of shows all over the country and even abroad, and has plans for  the release of his first full EP, which is a collaboration with producer Murlo, due for release on his 18th birthday on January 20th.

See a couple of teaser tracks of his upcoming EP below:

Youngs Teflon

youngs teflon

Having just recently played his first headline show at Camden’s Barfly to showcase his fairly new mixtape ‘The Renaissance’, Tef is ready to go h.a.m in 2015. Tef’s been around (slightly under the radar) for a good few years now, but a spurt of recent releases alongside his first headline show has us excited for what he has planned for us in the coming months.

We like his new track ‘You Get Me Tho’, released via LinkUp TV, see below:



Coming straight out of the dutty streets of Neasden, Dark0 has been one of the leaders of the spurt of popularity in instrumentalist Grime, though he’s not limited to this genre. Dark0’s creations are often quite emosh and melodic, and browsing through his Soundcloud offers a variety of sounds; some that will easily grab a couple reloads in even the most hype grime raves, with other tracks that are more akin to something you’d sit at home smoking to with your bredrins on a Tuesday night. CBA to try and label his genre, all you need to know is this guy’s seriously talented.

Our favourite tracks are below:

Grim Sickers

grim sickers five pound munch

With a number of mixtapes already in the bag, more releases on the way, and features with already established artists such as Ghetts, P Money and Double S, Grim Sickers has come a long way from his Don’t Flop days. Though he’s got a long way to go still (in our humble opinion), we’re gassed off his recent releases and hope that 2015 is a year that he will choose to shine.

Check our favourites of Grim Sickers below:



To attempt to hail M.I.K (which apparently stands for Music Is Knowledge) as anything ‘new’ would be an insult to the substantial amount of quality Grime this man has already produced. He’s been one of our favourite MCs for a long while now, but with the release of his long-awaited ‘Ghost Writer’ EP, which dropped this week, we’re looking forward to seeing him get back to clashing and raving over the next year. If you don’t know about M.I.K yet, you’ve already missed out and need to get to know.

Ghost Writer sampler below, plus some older favourites:

That’s all we have time for today, but hopefully these guys can shell down 2015 and bring something fresh to the table. See you lot soon.

Written by @CareerEnderSam

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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