Newly Dropped: Bones – Rotten

After having released mixtapes ‘Skinny’ and ‘itstheleastwecando’, Los Angeles artist Bones continues his role by dropping another free 17 track compilation. entitled ‘Rotten’.


Bones seems to be the rapper that has the mainstream Hip Hop scene confused, frightened and feeling slightly abused. Though Bones (aka surrenderdorothy, aka Elmo Kennedy O’Connor) has been a blip on the radar of many underground Hip Hop fans for over a year now, googling his name reveals little more than slyly condescending Hip Hop journals trying to make sense of his mysterious music output and persona.

Born Elmo Kennedy O’Connor, Bones dropped out of High School in rural city of Howell, Mich. to pursue his love of performing and recording music. Since then, Bones has released hundreds of tracks, most of which barely surpass the two-and-a-half minute mark and effortlessly skip between different genre styles. As admitted to the San Antonio CurrentBones self admittedly doesn’t ‘want to be known as a singer or rapper or singer-slash. I want to do it all so no one can place me’. Having turned down offers to big labels, Bones prefers to operate under the loose and quickly evolving genre of ‘internet rap’ – an artistic community of independent artists and fans that uses sites such as Soundcloud and Youtube to propagate itself.

Watching his videos, it is clear that Bones has managed to create his own 90s themed fictional existence, comprised of grainy VHS recordings, switch-blades, blunts, jewel encrusted firearms, luxury cars, graveyards and ponytail/moustache combos. Yes, it’s weird, and sometimes haunting, but Bones needs to be applauded for his artistic vision. Perhaps this vision is inaccessible to some; predominantly those who have a preconceived notion of what Hip Hop is and should be like, but we think Bones is one of the few artists exploring and pushing the boundaries of his craft. In terms of Rotten, whether it’s the slow, guitar led melancholy of ‘SadlyThat’sJustTheWayThingsAre’, or the heavy bass ridden gangsta rap of ‘HDMI’, Bones has grown comfortable in his very own brand of music, irrespective of how things ‘should’ be done within the Hip Hop scene. Regardless of whether other blogs are creeped out by his work, we’re glad Bones exists, and look forward to future releases, and (pretty please, if you read this Bones) possibly even a UK show at some point?

Check out ‘Rotten’ in full below, with free download available.

Written by @CareerEnderSam


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