Introducing: Izzy Danks

‘I was the kid shedding crocodile tears at night/ Now the alligator ready and I’m taking a bite’


Got something fresh for you guys here from the London scene. Meet up and coming North London don Izzy Danks, who a couple days ago released his debut mixtape ‘It Iz What It Is’. The guy is keeping it very real, and has released the mixtape for free via his own independent label ‘Feel Free Recordz’. We’re giving it the first listen through now, and so far it’s impressive. Izzy is moulding his own UK brand of Cloud Rap; chimey and ethereal instrumentals coupled with tight lyricism. Izzy talks social problems, smoking copious amounts of draw, and the trials of life, with, for the most part, mature and honest observations from his corner. Izzy reminds us a bit of an Onoe Caponoe who isn’t fucked up on Class A’s. Great music to smoke to, and respect to Izzy for bar after bar of positive vibes and messages. We’re feeling this, and hope this is just the start for this artist. Our favourites are probably opening track ‘Sick & Tired’ and ‘Rock It’ (video below).

Download his free mixtape here: ‘It Iz What It Is’Β and give him a follow on Soundcloud:

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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