New Sounds: Supa BWE releases his anticipated Magic City EP


Chicago’s Supa Bwe has been a somewhat hidden gem until now. We only found out about him recently when he released joint project ‘Treat Me’ with Mick Jenkins.  As one third of Hip Hop collective Hurt Everybody, Supa hasn’t really released any particularly interesting solo projects until last night, when he dropped his musically distinctive Magic City EP. The EP is eight tracks in length, but feels very full and varied considering that Supa skilfully manoeuvres through a number of different styles as the EP progresses. There is minimal outside contribution, with Supa Bwe featuring on and producing pretty much every track, with some help on a few tracks from Hurt Everybody buddies Carl and Mullato Beats. Our favourite tracks so far are ‘Dead Bwe Walking’ and ‘0000 (Red Light)’ because of the singing parts (not to discredit his spitting skills at all). Check out the EP here, and show this up & coming artist some love on Twitter: @SupaBwe

Chicago’s got so many talented artists, we think we’re gonna have to do a special playlist soon coz you guys are killing it.

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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