Tuesday Tunes – 6


Things have been extremely busy, so some of you may have noticed we missed out a week of Tuesday Tunes. Good news is that we’ve come across some extra special releases in the past seven days, and are excited to share them with you now. As usual, enjoy!

Villain Park – W.M.N.A 

I feel like these guys have got something quite special going on. They’ve had an explosion in followers since Pigeons and Planes featured them in an article this week. They’ve got that rough 90s New York feel to them, and have a very authentic and oldschool Hip Hop sound, especially for 2014. They haven’t released much yet, but check them out here: Villain Park

Sean Leon – Pretty Girls Put Boys in Cemeteries

This one was released a few months ago from Canadian Sean Leon. This has got a dark, cool feel to it, and a weird video which we don’t quite get. Either way, the song bangs.

The Stand4rd – Pretty

The Stand4rd, who are a group comprised of up and coming artists Spooky Black, Psymun, Bobby Raps and Allan Kingdom, released their debut album this week, and this is our favourite track from it so far.

Mick Jenkins – Value Village

Mick has been attracting a lot of hype recently thanks to the recent release of his very accomplished mixtape The Water[s], and a number of collaborations with other established artists, Here’s a throwback to a few years ago. It’s still a tune, but shows how far he’s come.

Green Sllime ft. Solarfive – Nichols Park

We’ve been keeping our eye on Chicago artist Solarfive for a while now, and this tune with Green Sllime shows that he’s definitely worth paying attention to. These guys have hardly any following at the moment, but we’re rooting for them.

Cozz – Dreams

Up and coming artists Cozz, who signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records earlier in the year, released this piece of fire that still has only 150,000 views on Youtube. It’s intense, but he spits well, and the video works well with the song.

Dao Jones – One Dollar

Came across this guy via one of his friends messaging me on Twitter telling me to check him out. I’m glad I clicked actually, because the song is smooth. Video’s going for the kind of comedic feel. Check it out.

surrenderdorothy – itstheleastwecando

This one is a bit of an enigma. It was released a couple days ago, and we came across it via the TEAMSESH Soundcloud account. I haven’t heard of this before, but according to Rap Genius, surrendordorothy is L.A rapper Bones’ alter ego. Either way we like it, and is a welcome add one to Bones’ recent mixtape Skinny, and the acoustic numbers on here really show his versatility and quite unique artistic vision. My dad likes this one.

DP – Jabar

This guy has got an oldschool vibe going on aswell. DP, from Virginia Beach has a very raw, no bullshit spitting style which we’re impressed with.

Freddie Gibbs – Still Livin’

If you didn’t know, someone tried to shoot Freddie Gibbs this week after a show in New York. Freddie got away unharmed, but unfortunately his DJ and another member of his entourage copped bullets in the hand and leg, though neither injury was serious. To finish off, here’s a celebration that’s he’s alive and still livin’. Peace!


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