The Stand4rd – Debut Album Released


This week on Tuesday, after having debuted some of their new material at a show in their hometown of St Paul, Minnesota, Hip Hop supergroup The Stand4rd released their debut self titled album via their Soundcloud account. 

Here’s what you need to know: The Stand4rd are the young four piece collective of Spooky Black, Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps and producer Psymun. These guys have already made names for themselves out of the group, and bring together their different backgrounds to create a sound that is an interesting amalgamation of RnB, Hip Hop, Electronic and Cloud Rap. All the group members have garnered their following primarily through social media, but actually came together through the happy coincidence of the artists being in close geographic proximity to eachother, all residing in  St Paul, Minnesota. The group announced the project about a month though, oddly recruiting DJ Khaled,to shout out their album in this slightly fucked up video:

Now,about the album. Allan Kingdom raps on first track ‘Binoculars’ that ‘we’re just some kids with computers’ and asks ‘mama look what I created in my room for the world’. Indeed, it’s incredible what these kids have created on their own, with their youngest (and arguably most popular member) Spooky Black being only sixteen years old. The group have already gained over 11,000 follows on Soundcloud, and have over 71,000 plays on ‘Binoculars’.The dynamic of the songs works primarily around Spooky Black singing love ballads over slow and ethereal instrumentals, alongside Allan Kingdom rapping in his sing-songy style, and Bobby Raps providing a harder and grittier contribution. There are many complex vocal overlaps and strange synth effects, with each song providing a similar melancholic atmosphere, apart from the album’s one upbeat song ‘Too Involved’.

The group are currently touring, having kicked off the run at The Amsterdam Bar & Hall in their hometown of St Paul. The sold-out show was actually Spooky Black’s first live performance, but he smashed it anyway as can be seen below. Andrea Swensson from The Current wrote in her review of the show that “it didn’t seem like the group had come from St. Paul at all, but had actually beamed down from outer space”, and listening to their music, there is very much a supernatural and slightly haunting feel to the music these guys make.

We think the album is great, and quite unlike anything else around at the moment. Check it out the stream below, and download it HERE.


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