Chance The Rapper – No Better Blues.

Perhaps due to the fact that the site  has been rather influential in creating his music career, Chance The Rapper rewarded loyal Twitter followers with a surprise track yesterday evening via Twitter’s new Audio Card feature. Like most of his recent releases, Chance is once again backed by his band The Social Experiment for the track, which is entitled “No Better Blues” (probably a twist on Spike Lee’s ‘Mo Better Blues‘). The lyrics of the track are a satirical stream-of-conciousness revolving around all the things Chance apparently ‘hates’, whilst the instrumental has a jazzy/gospel feel to it, with claps and female backing singers. The lyrics seem to have already caused some controversy, which Chance tweeting these today:

While the track perhaps isn’t as upbeat nor as complex as, say, the works from Acid Rap, it’s a song that will make you smile if you can appreciate the sarcastic humour of it. Like when he dropped ‘I Am Very, Very Lonely’, the song has sort of turned some heads (is everything okay at home, Chance?) but it has been extremely successful so far and is currently Number 2 on the Billboard 100 charts. Listen to it below!

Author: dontfckabout

A London kid's eye on the Hip Hop community.

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