Mick Jenkins & Supa BWE. “Treat Me”

[There couldn’t have been a more appropriate time for this new video to drop, with the utmost misfortune. Hours after this video was released on Youtube as a protest to racist policing in America, another young man was fatally shot by police in Ferguson, St. Louis, only a few miles where unarmed youth Michael Brown was murdered by a policeman, sparking worldwide protest. Today, 18 year old Vonderrick Myers Jr. was shot 16 times by an off-duty police officer, and pronounced dead at the scene. Details are still shady, but whatever took place, this post is dedicated to him. R.I.P]

We have the city of Chicago to thank for this awe inspiring song. Filmed completely in Chicago, produced and rapped by natives of Chi-town and had it not been for Chicago’s unique communal properties of virtually all up and coming artists being acquaint with one another; mentioned in this article here, the concept for the song never would’ve bloomed into existence.

Mick Jenkins has already established a name for himself with his sophomore mixtape ‘The Waters’ gaining universal critical acclaim and showing that you don’t need the money or the fame to be able to compete with the best of them. Supa BWE hasn’t really garnished any attention in the underground scene as of yet, but with the recent release of his ’10-4′ EP and the talent he shows in production and spitting on this who knows what’s in store for him

The message behind this track really speaks for itself. No it isn’t screaming ‘fuck white people’ as some ignorant YouTube users will have you believe. It’s simply screaming equality for all people regardless of skin colour, and rightly so with innumerable instances of police brutality that arguably wouldn’t have occurred had the culprit been Caucasian; with the most famous incidents being the Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown cases which are alluded to in the lyrics and imagery of the song. The video creates a parallel in the treatment of the lighter skinned Supa BWE, and Mick Jenkins purely because of their skin colour. In some ways the message even extends further than this, criticising the American government in areas from economy to the justice system, but it’s clear the main message is equality.

With such a strong message it’s hard to fuck up the song, hip-hop was founded on the beliefs that this song preaches and so it’s nice to see it portrayed through a modern perception. Ok ok, the idea is great but what about the content? The delivery and flow from both MC’s is very solid which is odd as almost all rap songs that enter the territory of politics turn out almost cringe worthy and have a distinctive ‘forced’ feel to them which makes them difficult to enjoy when you’re just trying to chill out, but I’d say this is successfully avoided and that helps this song stand out for me. The instrumental is nothing special but it definitely feels very professional and works well with the theme of the song.

If these two can create this with the relatively little recognition they have I’d be willing to bet with a video funded by a major label they’d pull off nothing short of a masterpiece. But who cares? If they keep releasing music of this quality nobody will complain; well maybe apart from the idiots on YouTube.

[Written by Chucky D]


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