– I’m always concerned for an artist when I see the more and more lucrative tag of ‘ft Chance, the rapper’ in a song title. Maybe I’m just a diehard fan, but between a combination of his musical experimentalism and his distinctive sing-song rapping it’s pretty difficult to have him feature on a track and not have him steal the show. This newly released tune from Octave Minds appears to fall victim to this. But that may not be such a negative, as it is exclusively Chance who provides the vocals, meaning that instead of having to compete with him, Octave Minds have the struggle of accommodating his idiosyncrasies in their production; which is no easy task as greatness is still demanded!

Octave Minds, if you haven’t heard of them yet, are the duo of Chilly Gonzales and Boyz Noise, two equally elegant musicians who you wouldn’t bet on being in the same room together, let alone collide to form a project together. Nonetheless, they have a highly anticipated album on the way, details of which can be found at octaveminds.com

The track as a whole offers a lot and is difficult to generalise.  Skittering drums and entrancing live jazzy instrumentals tell the tale of the Social Experiment; who are still essentially an extension of Chance as they are yet to be involved in a body of music without him. Powerful piano melodies and obvious EDM influenced synthesizers stop Octave minds from completely being bodied off their own song, but not by much though. In fact being as this is the only song in their upcoming release that features any other artists I’m almost inclined to say Octave Minds handed over the studio and said “Do your thing, spice it up!” as the beat smells of something The Social Experiment would create and chance would spit over.

Moving onto Chance’s spitting: It’s creatively exceptional and experimental, which is perhaps what the hip-hop community has come to expect from the young MC. He brings to life two feet in a dance routine struggling to stay in rhythm, with the conference reference of “one-two” not only symbolising the dancer counting his steps but also the name of the feet. The personification of the feet allows him to go into further detail encapsulating a story of trust and friendship between the two feet. He also maintains a flow which in itself feels like a dance over the beat and is executed in such an apt manner, that Chance must be congratulated.

If you’re already a fan of Chance and the Social Expermient it’s safe to say this song will leave little to be desired, staying very true to the Chicago rapper’s well established style. This and his other recent releases have us hopeful that his rumoured upcoming album will be nothing short of the quality of his previous projects, which have managed to garner him much respect not just in the rap game, but throughout the whole music business. Unfortunately Octave Minds don’t really establish a sound in this song which makes it hard for me to honestly say I’m a fan, but they must’ve done something right with such a great song making an appearance on their album.


<Written By Chucky D>



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