‘It’s Such A Shame … They Gon Miss This Plane’

DJ and producer No Sleep, who works out of Pittsburgh, U.S.A, has released this heavily reworked version of Wiz’s classic anthem ‘This Plane’, and (daresay…) it’s superior to the original?! This track is a dedication to his loyal fans; a ‘thank you’ for the two million plays on his Soundcloud page. In his typical style, No Sleep has stripped Wiz’s vocals and laid them over catchy bass lines & mellow keyboard melodies, which are decidedly rather different from the original instrumental.  Once again, he has been successful in merging his brand of electronic chill-out with the hardness of classic rap tunes, without trivialising the samples from the original songs, or making them ridiculous (there are plenty of weird and not-so-wonderful hip hop remixes out there). Messing with bars from Biggie Smalls, for example (check out his Big Poppa rework here), must be a daunting undertaking, but I feel No Sleep pays homage to the original artists in his own manner by adding an auditory depth that accompanies the mood of the lyrics. While it is not productive to overly compare the originals and the reworks, it can be said that No Sleep definitely adds his own modern flavour to the track, but stays true to the primary tracks by allowing the lifted voice and lyrics to take centre stage. No Sleep produces memorable chillout tracks with a purpose, and is most definitely a worthy follow on Soundcloud. Show him some love by clicking here -> NoSleep


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